Dr. Dunphy has done over 200 highly successful college programs since 2001



Dr. Dunphy is energizing, intelligent and really knows how to keep the students engaged. His interactive programs are not only fun, but filled with practical take-away information that students can use immediately and in the future!

This program was amazing!! We had a blast and learned a lot about how to be effective leaders as student government representatives and for when we graduate and go into the workforce. I highly recommend DrD!!!

Dr. D. connected with the students immediately and had them interacting productively. His leadership program was not only practical and filled with great relevant information, but he has a gift for reaching students and keeping them engaged!! We will have him back year after year.

Preventing and resolving conflict is such an important set of skills for students, now and in the future!! DrD did an amazing job helping our students learn skills that will be useful for a lifetime!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

Dr. Dunphy is amazing. He really understands campus life and the needs of students. His program on Professionalism is one of the best I have ever seen in my 20 year career in higher education!! I highly recommend him!!

The five programs below are always customized to each campus, based on a Pre-Main-Post model for excellent pull-through and collaborative in design and highly interactive during delivery!

  • How to Become an Adaptive Professional in Any Field

  • Applied Emotional Intelligence

  • Applied Conflict Prevention and Resolution

  • Leadership for a Lifetime

  • Situational Awareness and Personal Protection

These programs can be delivered any day of the week or weekend:
60-90 minute sessions (one cost and can be done 2-3 times in one day to help attendance)
60-90 minute sessions (one cost and can do up to 3 different programs in one day)

Contact Dr. Dunphy at to discuss your training needs! Dr. Dunphy will work with you to maximize value and help you stay within budgets!!

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