Dr. Dunphy has done over 600 highly successful corporate training programs since 2001



We have had Dr. D back three times!! Each program was unique but connected to the last. His content is always fresh, well researched and useful for our business. He is truly as master of his craft!

Dr. Dunphy’s Applied Emotional Intelligence program changed my life. I interact much more effectively with my colleagues and customers now and I have applied his tactics to my home life as well. Thanks for a great training!!”

I have been to probably 50-60 training programs over the years as a manager and nothing comes even close to the practical and inspiring Professional Leadership program that Dr. Dunphy delivers. Engaging, very practical and customized to our market. This guy really cares and put the time in to make his program very useful to us!

Most effective training in my 20-year career. Dr. Dunphy made the entire day amazing!

Practical, Fun and Customized to our needs. I left the day inspired, motivated and loaded with practical tactics that I could apply to my work immediately to improve what I do!!

The five programs below are always customized to the clients needs, based on a Pre-Main-Post model for excellent pull-through and collaborative in design and highly interactive during delivery!

  • Professional Leadership

  • Applied Emotional Intelligence

  • Applied Conflict Prevention and Resolution

  • Building and Managing High-Performance Teams

  • Professional Presentation Skills

These programs can be delivered in various platforms including:
1-2 hour primers (in-person or as a webinar)
3-4 hour half-day training (in-person or as a webinar)
Full-day training (in person)
Retreat (2-3 days in person)

Contact Dr. Dunphy at to discuss your training needs! Dr. Dunphy will work with you to maximize value and help you stay within budgets!!

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